Mission of the Society

Mission of the Society






The Society "Friends of Akhal-Teke" is created by the Bulgarian-Turkmenistan Chamber of Industry and Commerce, based on the wide interest shown in Bulgaria to this ancient and heavenly breed of horses.


The  Society is non-governmental, independent, voluntary, non-religious, non-political, built on a broad public basis and has open status. The Society's operations are conducted in accordance with its Statute, consistent with the laws and international treaties of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The main objective of the Bulgarian Society "Friends of Akhal-Teke" is to popularize, preserve, appreciate and protect this rare breed of horse - known as Akhal-Teke and its precious gene pool, and also, to be responsible for presenting and introducing this exceptional breed horses to the lovers of equestrian activity in Bulgaria and around the world.


To achieve its objectives the Society:

- Searches and establishes contacts and relationships with related Turkmen and other foreign organizations with similar activities and interests in the development of equestrian action, horse riding and equestrian tourism;


- Assists in establishing a dialogue and direct contacts between Bulgarian and Turkmen governmental and private companies with similar activity as a development of inter-relations, offers proposals on the regulation of these relations to local and central institutions with the similar activities;


- Supports through suggestions and opinions to the relevant government authorities in the development and updating of laws and regulations related to the development of the equestrian sports and Tourism in Bulgaria, licensing and classification of equestrian centers, technical standards, veterinary requirements, insurance safety, welfare of horses, etc., having a direct role in promoting Akhal-teke horses in Bulgaria.


- Performs representation and participation in international events related to Akhal-teke horses;


- Organizes lectures, exhibitions, book presentations, forums, festivals, meetings, symposia, conferences, seminars, celebration of Akhal-teke horses in Bulgaria and participation in Turkmenistan’s horse holidays;


- Collects and summarizes information about Akhal-teke horse: horse stables in Bulgaria and abroad, selling horses, researches, etc. provides to the members of the society and publishes the selected means to the mass media;


- Develops together with the similar chambers and associations, government and public organizations to support and protect interests of members of the Society.