Training Process of Turkmen Show Jumping Masters

Training Process of Turkmen Show Jumping Masters

Within the framework of preparation for the Asian Games-2017 on the basis of the Ashgabat equestrian sports complex, there is a training process of Turkmen show jumping masters.


Turkmen athletes are actively preparing for the Asian Games - 2017. The training process is held including on the basis of the Ashgabat equestrian sport complex. Here, in the indoor arena, a group of the strongest Turkmen show jumpers have trainings twice a day under the guidance of local coaches and foreign specialists. 

For more than half a year, 15 young Turkmen riders are trained by the German specialist for show jumping, a former participant of the competitions on this type of equestrian sport - Katharina Jacob. A graduate of the Innsbruck University on “horse riding” specialty Catherine is an avid fan of Akhal-Teke horses and owner of nine Akhal-Teke horses, which she trains in show jumping, dressage and triathlon. Her horses took part in competitions in Germany and other countries of Europe, winning the prize places. Since recent time, Katarina is a constant guest of Turkmen Horse Day. In 2010, she joined the preparatory work of the Turkmen athletes for participation in high-level competitions. 

Show jumping - a special kind of sports for which it is selected the horses, having a strong constitution, the high jumping technique, ability for taming and calm temper. Specialists of State Association “Turkmen Atlary” and Ashgabat Equestrian Sport Complex selected more than ten horses for show jumping trainings. 

- Show jumping - one of the most beautiful kinds of sport, where the coherence of duet rider and horse is particularly important. In average, the horse for show jumping is trained during four years, we have in stock only two years, and during that period, we have to realize a great job on securing of the horses’ technical skills to work with the rider, - said the German coach. - Turkmen athletes learn quickly and therefore we expect by the beginning of the Asian Games to prepare a professional team capable to perform at high level. Now, it is difficult to single out any of the guys, all of them train hard, trying to get in the main team – noted Katharina Jacob. 

All athletes are repeated participants in show jumping competitions, which are held in Turkmenistan for many years. More than nine years – since 2006, Faina Zaripovs is engaged in show jumping. In her 26 years old, she is repeated participant and winner of the national competition for this type of equestrian sport. She is the only girl in the team, from which according to the rules of the competition only four will make the Turkmen national team on show jumping. 


One of the young athletes is Nikolay Beglaryan. He is 20 years old, five of which he literally “lived” at the racetrack, giving all his spare time to trainings. His racer named Gerchek is eight years old, it's smart and loyal friend, with whom, according to Nicholay, easy to work. 

Coach Durdymurat Kanayev is in the equestrian sport for decades. He is show jumper, master of sports. He said that the training process includes the required exercises, workout, trainings on coherence of rider and horse - so it is sharpened the mastery. The attained success secured by long working at the same exercises. 

As compared with the traditional for our country races, even a few years ago, not so much attention was paid to the show jumping. But, within the last years, the interest in this type of equestrian sport has increased considerably. There was a well developed modern infrastructure, and at that, the style of trainings has reached a new professional level in accordance with the requirements of the sport of high achievements and great desire to represent worthily the country - the hostess of the Asian Games - 2017.




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