The President of Turkmenistan Completed the Work on the Upcoming Book on Akhal-Teke Horses

The President of Turkmenistan Completed the Work on the Upcoming Book on Akhal-Teke Horses

As an expert and a connoisseur of the legendary "heavenly" horses, the head of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding, established in 2010, initiated by the Turkmen leader, who pays special attention to preservation of the breed purity and enhancement of world-wide fame of Akhal-Teke horses representing national heritage of the Turkmen people. It is an outstanding contribution to the priceless treasury of universal values. As is known, the state policy in this area led by President of Turkmenistan aimed at creating favorable conditions for effective development of horse breeding and, above all, intended to preserve phenomenon itself, and embody significance of Akhal-Teke breed as the worthy-of-admiration unique world culture. 

In Turkmenistan, by initiative and under the personal patronage of the Turkmen leader, has been launched a large-scale work on the revival of national horse breeding traditions with regard to development of equestrian sport, conducting breeding and pedigree work on preservation and improvement of purebred features of the Akhal-Teke horses as a high-class pedigree genofond. There is comprehensive Akhal-Teke equestrian complex built in all regions of the country. Besides, it is established the international beauty contest among the Akhal-Teke horses at international level. 

Several books dedicated to Akhal-Teke horses came from the Turkmen leader’s pen. These books have been translated into many languages and are very popular among professionals in the field of horse breeding. Experts and specialists of Akhal-Teke houses in many countries, and ordinary readers will be familiarized with peculiarities of unique breed stated in published books of the Turkmen leader. 

As is known, those people who are tying their destiny with horse breeding are respected in Turkmenistan. Experienced trainers of horses as well as horse riders who have achieved significant results are awarded honorary titles and state awards. 

Preparation of distinctive gifts by significant dates and important occasions of the country’s life is a favorable tradition initiated by President of Turkmenistan. A new book, finalized by the leader of the nation, is a wonderful present, which is prepared to the upcoming celebration on the Turkmen Horse Day, which is favorable for the entire Turkmen nation, and world experts on horse breeding.



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