The Head of the State Starts Writing New Book Dedicated to Akhal-Teke Horses

The Head of the State Starts Writing New Book Dedicated to Akhal-Teke Horses

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to Ahalteke Equestrian Complex where he visited the horses and following the traditional habit, went into literary creativity.

It is generally known that in his works, the Head of the State gives important place to the history of the country including the events related to the Silk Road. Also, the President of Turkmenistan gives important role to large-scale sport events “Amul – Hazar 2018”. As it was mentioned above, special role in the works of the Head of the State is given to the Silk Road, which used to run across our country in the past, historical facilities, caravansaries, fortresses located along the route. This is visual evidence that Turkmen leader treats national values, which were made throughout the centuries by our glorious ancestors, with high respect.

In his art, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also pays special importance to ahalteke horses. At present, large work for protection of the pedigree of these horses, improvement of their exterior and increment of the stock is carried out by the efforts of the Head of the State.

Ahalteke horses are the symbol of our rapidly developing independent motherland. It opens new opportunities for deserving continuation of glorious path of ahalteke horses in the world equestrian sport and reveal of their abilities.


By the initiative and under personal participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan turned into the centre of various level events. Representatives of competent international organizations specialized in ahalteke horse breeding, famous experts and specialists of the branch come to the birthplace of famous horses to assimilate the experience of Turkmen professionals. Such events become more frequent when the country observes the Day of Turkmen Horse.

Natural beauty and grace, dedicated temper, intellect and unique talents of this breed serve as the source of inspiration for poets and artists for ages.

Having absorbed people’s love to the horses, Turkmen leader brought out the care of the improvement of the prestige and glory of ahalteke horses, development and propaganda of horse breeding art of our ancestors in the world to the level of the priority of the state policy. The President of Turkmenistan wrote such books as “Ahalteke Horse is Our Glory and Pride”, “Rapid Pace of the Horse”, which have been translated to many languages and are very popular among the specialists in equestrian sphere. Owing to the works of the Head of the State, which were published in different languages, it is not just the connoisseurs of ahalteke horses but wide reading community is able to familiarize with the features of this unique breed.

Book of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Rapid Pace of the Horse” won the main prize, the Grand Prix, of the 30th Moscow International Book Fair of International Contest of the CIS countries “The Art of Book”.

Writing new books about ahalteke horses and national culture, Turkmen nature and the history of our nation, the President relies on historical evidence, various sources, facts from books that reached our days.

The Head of the State notes that doing creative things gives huge esthetical pleasure and flood of inspiration to the man. Today, the President wrote the versus glorifying the spring, Turkmen nature and “heaven” horses.

The Head of the State notes that ahalteke horses, which are national pride, glorious history of Turkmen people and spiritual values made by people, friendly relations to the nations of different countries of the world inspire artistic person to create new works.

Scientific and literature works of the Head of the State sums up years of studies, considerations, historical information and literature traditions of the past. They contain deep knowledge of national traditions and huge layer of people’s wisdom that was reflected in folklore. Every new work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has eternal importance in popularization of cultural heritage of the nations and in the improvement of the importance of the phenomenon of ahalteke breed.

The Head of the State started writing new book dedicated to our traditions and customs, rich history, ahalteke horses and nature of Turkmen land. Undoubtedly, new work will be one of the favourite reading for all our people and the world reading audience and valuable source of knowledge about our country and Turkmen nation.


State News Agency of Turkmenistan  /   12.04.2018