The Head of the State Is Honoured Guest of Celebration Equestrian Tournament

The Head of the State Is Honoured Guest of Celebration Equestrian Tournament

Festival horse ride took place at the International Ahalteke Equestrian Complex under the celebrations of the 26th anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan. As per tradition, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov paid the visit to the complex on this day.

The members of the Government, leaders of the Mejlis, military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, hyakims of the velayats and Ashgabat, ambassadors of Turkmenistan to foreign counties, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in our country, representatives of foreign business circles, non-governmental organizations, mass media, citizens and the guests have gathered there.

As is known the development of the horse breeding is one of priority directions of the state policy. Unprecedented measures for modernization of the infrastructure of horse breeding branch, activation of international cooperation in the sphere of pedigree stud farming and popularization of equestrian sports and national traditions of riding have been taken in the country.

Today, Turkmenistan becomes famous world centre in this sphere and our horses and jockeys are the winners of prestige reviews and contests in different countries. The country holds leading positions in circus fancy riding, which is indicated by the triumph of Galkynysh equestrian group at different international festivals.

Current rides were decorated with bright national colours. The whole territory of the complex, which is not only the arena for equestrian competitions but also the centre of popularization of this sport, is dressed in festive decoration of multi-coloured air balloons, bands and flowers. The yurts representing five velayats of the country were set there; ancient songs performed by bakhshys are sounded.

The vehicle of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has approached the International Equestrian Complex. The participants welcomed the Head of the State with the storm of applause. Turkmen leader has entered the territory of brightly decorated complex, which grounds held the performance of artists and art bands of the velayats and the capital.

The President checked the exhibition of agricultural production and livestock farming expanded at the alleys of the complex. There were also the exposition of national decorative and applied art and national crafts there, where horses are the main characters.

Students of Ashgabat sport schools made demonstration performance. Art bands performed song and dance composition dedicated to “heaven” horse in front of the equestrian complex.

Having appreciated the skills of the artist, the Head of the State entered the building of the complex and proceeded to the president’s lounge.

The start of festive rides has been given. There were seven rides with twelve runners in each. Captivating performance followed by excited eyes of crowded stands and photo and video cameras has lasted for more than two hours.

Three-year-old horses participated in the start 1800 meters lap. Bay mare Melhem from Ahalteke Equestrian Complex ridden by master jockey Ch. Yazdurdiyev was the first in this ride. Melhem has covered the distance for 2 minutes and 01.5 seconds. Dark sorrel colt Eser ridden by jockey O. Berdiyev and black Gaya ridden by A. Bayramgeldiyev were the second and third with 2 minutes and 01.8 seconds and 2 minutes and 05.6 seconds accordingly.

The distance of the second lap was 2200 meters. Bay horse Guvanjym ridden by R. Abdiyev has covered the distance for 2 minutes 26.6 minutes. The second place was after dark bay mare Gumlygyz from Bitarap village of Gyoktepe etrap, Ahal Velayat ridden by jockey of II category Y. Saparov (2.30.5 minutes) and the third place was taken by black mare Gulgun and Jockey of III category A. Kichigulov who went the distance for 2 minutes and 32.1 seconds.

Three-year-old horses have been competing in 2200 meters distance in the third ride. Black stallion Gujurly from the stud farm of the General Prosecution of Turkmenistan ridden by B. Babaliyev was the first there. Gujurly showed 2 minutes and 22.4 seconds at this distance. Black Garagunan (2 minutes and 28.1 seconds) from the farm of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs was the second. It was ridden by jockey V. Amansahedov. The third place was after dark bay mare Tumar owned by the Supreme Court and ridden by T. Bekdurdiyev with the result of 2 minutes and 29.1 seconds.

The distance of the forth ride where four-year-old and elder horses took part was 2200 meters. Bay stallion Ulker from the stud farm of the State Bank of Foreign Economic Affairs was the first on this distance. Ridden by jockey B. Begliyev, it covered the distance for 2 minutes and 29.4 seconds. The second position was after Gonurbash, the dark bay stallion owned by the State Border Guard Service with 2 minutes and 29.7 seconds and the third one was after chestnut Peykam belonging to the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan with 2 minutes 30.1 seconds result.

Bay Turan from Ahalteke Equestrian Complex with 2 minutes 44.6 seconds was the first in the fifth 2400 meter lap. It was ridden by B. Babayev. The second place was taken by dark sorrel Mukam from the farm of A. Amanov. It covered the distance for 2 minutes and 50,1 seconds. Cream-coloured stallion Akshaher was the third having made the distance with 2 minutes 52.2 seconds result.

Four-year-old and elder horses participated in the sixth ride with 2400 meters distance. Grey Gadam from the Ministry of Internal Affairs ridden by O. Yalkabov has covered the distance for 2 minutes and 39 seconds and was the first in this ride. The second place is after bay Tyamiz from the stud farm of the State Anti-Economic Crime Service ridden by P. Babaliyev with 2 minutes and 40.2 seconds result. Chestnut Alchep from the farms of Turkmen Agricultural University demonstrated 2 minutes and 41,4 seconds result and took the third position.

The distance of the final lap where four-year old horse took part was 2400 meters. The ride was contested for the main prize instituted by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Black Almaz owned by N. Atayev was the first in tense and exciting competitions. The runner ridden by B. Hushbagtov has shown 2 minutes and 47.1 seconds.

Flame-coloured Maksat (2 minutes and 47.4 seconds0 from the stud farm of Ahalteke Equestrian Complex was the second in the final round. It was ridden by jockey H. Baysahedov. The third position was after cream-coloured Paytagt belonging to the Ministry of Justice. It covered the distance for 2 minutes and 48.5 seconds.

The award ceremony took place after the rides. All the winners received valuable gifts. The Head of the State has greeted every one of them, having encouraged them to be deserving successors of unique art of the horse-breeding and support the development of equestrian sport and training of the jockeys who would be able to represent Turkmenistan in the world’s equestrian arena with honour.

The winners of the first six rides received money prizes of 15 thousand US dollars and the winner of the final lap on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan was warded with 30 thousand US dollars.

Mass events, concerts, various cultural and sport actions dedicated to the Independence Day of Turkmenistan have been held in all cities and villages of the country.


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