International Exhibition Fair of Turkmen Horse Reflects All Directions of Equestrian Industry

International Exhibition Fair of Turkmen Horse Reflects All Directions of Equestrian Industry

International exhibition Fair dedicated to the Day of Turkmen Horse annually observed on the last Sunday in April opened in Exhibition hall of the Trade and Industrial Chamber of Turkmenistan.

The review that gathered representatives of dozens of countries of the world is aimed at further development of partnership, establishment of business and scientific contacts in equestrian industry, introduction of innovative technologies in breeding and training of the horses. The participants of the forum include the representatives from Russia, USA, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Poland, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and other.

Photo: Yuri Shkurin

Impressive composition of the participants of current specialized exhibition was another evidence of high prestige of this forum annually held by the Trade and Industrial Chamber together with Turkmen Atlary State Association.

Representatives of equestrian industry, sports and tourism expressed keen interest to Turkmenistan as to the birthplace of the world famous ahalteke breed of horses and as to the country, which under the leadership pf President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov integrates actively to the world equestrian community cultivating thousand years old national traditions in combination with modern tendencies and technologies in this sphere.

The members of the Government, leaders of the Mejlis, different ministries and departments, hyakims of the regions and Ashgabat, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan, representatives of non-governmental organizations, scientific and art intelligentsia, mass media took part in the opening ceremony of the Exhibition. The delegates of the VIII session of International Ahalteke equestrian Association and participants on X International Conference “ Turkmen Horse and the World Equestrian Art” were also among the guests.

Ministries and departments, representatives of the velayats, large museums of the capital and local entrepreneurs opened their stands in the exhibition hall.

Haigh rating of Ashgabat exposition was illustrated by the stands of foreign participants representing their national equestrian associations and clubs, specialized construction and profile companies, producers of equipment and hardware for equestrian industry, training and sport organizations, pet clinics, art and photo studios.

The exhibition reflected all directions of equestrian industry – sport aspect, pedigree breeding, hippodrome business, horse breeding as well as the hardware for the horses like ammunition and outfit, forage and food additives, veterinary production.

Horse breeders and jockeys are attracted by the stands with stabling equipment, special horse harnesses for different sports, furriery and smith production.

Famous foreign companies demonstrated the expositions related to project design and provision of equestrian complexes, production and supply of specialized transport for horse, services in media support of equestrian events including live broadcasting of the races or long horse rides. Private jockey clubs and professional educational institutes training the personnel for this industry also presented their stands.

There are «Herbacon GmbH» - German producer of food additives and natural medicines for horses, Indian «Sun Enterprises» producing horse outfits and harnesses, Belarusian “Beleka”, the supplier of veterinary production and many other among the exhibitors.

Turkmen exposition attracted the attention of the participants with richness and originality – the hall even had oriental bazar of national crafts items. United thematic collection from the funds of large capital museums including beautiful ancient and modern works of national carpet and jewellery arts, artistic crafts as well as paintings and sculptures has been presented there.

National companies were represented by bright expositions of the State Association Turkmen Atlary – the flagship in the development of the industry in all five velayats of the country and by National Institute of Sports and Tourism that trains the jockeys.

Visual place was occupied by the stands of individual entrepreneurs specialized in carpet making and in jewellery. Picturesque canvas of Turkmen artists glorifying the image of ahalteke horse were excellent supplement to them.

The exhibition allows the visitors imaging the perspectives opening for the development of equestrian sport and tourism in our country.

The interest is also raised by printing production like booklets, brochures and other materials as well as video material about national equestrian celebrations, races and sport events.

International Exhibition Fair will work until April 27. Its delegates will also participate in other events dedicated to the Day of Turkmen Horse.


State News Agency of Turkmenistan  /   26.04.2018