Dun Melegush (Orange Bird) Received the Title of "The Most Beautiful Akhal-Teke Horse of the Year"

Dun Melegush (Orange Bird) Received the Title of

Akhal-Teke Horse Complex hosted an exhibition of the best Akhal-Teke horses. One by one, 10 recognized best Akhal-Teke hourses from Ashkhabad, Akhal, Balkan, Lebap, Dashoguz and Mary velayats came to the observation deck.

The show presenters represented each horse, called its name and data of the owner.

Numerous admirers of "heavenly horses" got an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with elite specimens of the legendary breed - the contenders for the title of "The most beautiful Akhal-Teke horse of the Year".

Racers appeared in all their magnificent exposures - under the saddle and harness and, of course, in elegant embroidery from traditional national equestrian ornaments, made by the best masters-jewelers. Each has also demonstrated its best exterior and dynamic qualities, the ability to perform various commands.

According to the decision of an authoritative jury, which included domestic and foreign horse breeders, the winner of the international beauty contest of Akhal-Teke horses was the stallion Melegush, born in 2007, continuing the hereditary line of the famous Garlavach. He won the Main Prize of the President of Turkmenistan and the Challenge Cup