Brazilian Scientists Found that Horses Have Impressive Emotional World

Brazilian Scientists Found that Horses Have Impressive Emotional World










The horses can feel a wide range of emotions, such quite like people, found the researchers from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, analyzing the outcomes of the online survey.

The findings, published recently in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour, asserts that equines can have full capacity to feel pain, fear and joy, boredom and jealousy.

 Totally, 687 respondents participated in online questioning, including, 81% – horse owners, 8% – horse-riding instructors and 8% – equestrian center administrators. There were also responses from veterinarians and animal scientists.



The research was aimed at learning about the contexts or events that may provoke various equine emotions and the behaviours, which express these emotions. 63% of all survey participants consider themselves as experienced in the equestrian world. Most asserted that horses had full capacity to feel pain (94%), fear (92%) and joy (77%). Some indicated that horses feel boredom (65%) and jealousy (41%). Moreover, the number of women who believe that horses have reach sentience, prevails the men. The researchers said some of the behaviors described as examples of expression of pain, joy and jealousy suggest that many believed that horses are aware of their emotions.



The results of the research can be useful in education those involved in the daily management of horses in order to minimize events that potentially can cause pain, fear, boredom and frustration, and facilitating those that induce positive affective states. / 22.10.2018