An Exhibition of Art Works Devoted to Akhalteke Horses Opens in Ashgabat

An Exhibition of Art Works Devoted to Akhalteke Horses Opens in Ashgabat

An exhibition of art works, entered in an art contest, has opened in the exhibition hall of the State Academy of Arts. The contest is organized to popularize Akhalteke horses that are the national wealth and pride of the people of Turkmenistan.

The annual creative competition draws more and more participants from different spheres of culture. Magnificent horses featured in paintings and carpets, made in metal, stone, wood and with the use of other unusual materials occupy most of the exhibition space. Arts and crafts, souvenirs related to horses and beautiful photographs provide a dramatic backdrop. On display are equestrian statues, which seem to have come to life and to be in motion thanks to the talent of sculptors. It is equally difficult to convey the expressiveness of motion in statues and make a restive horse obey. Tackling the creative task, sculptors are somehow similar to horse trainers; they create great masterpieces by their hard work and patience.

Fine carpets, jewelry, painted pottery, exquisite handmade embroidery – all of these are devoted to a true gem of the exhibition: the Akhalteke horse, whose image is presented with amazing versatility. This offers the possibility to demonstrate the great depth of people’s love for the “heavenly” horses, and to provide insight into our country’s culture and history.

The contest is open to notable masters and those, who are just beginners. To ensure unbiased assessment, the presented works do not bear signatures of their creators - they are numbered. Some works amaze with their photographic representation of tiny details, others – with a flight of imagination of their authors, and great breadth. Some of the works cannot be easily offered for a particular nomination because they are a wonderful blend of different arts.

The award ceremony will take place during the upcoming celebrations in honor of Turkmen Horse Day.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan